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Heritage in each member city

All our member institutions are involved in the management of VOC heritage in their respective cities. You can read more about the rich history and heritage of each city below. You can read more detailed information about each trading post by clicking on the picture.


Banda Heritage Foundation
Fort Belgica was built in 1611 and completely finished in 1673, to defend against the attack of Banda people who opposed the nutmeg trade monopoly of the VOC. Fort Belgica was a strong pentagonal defense building to be proud of at that time. It was equipped with five round towers at the inner part and five bastions on the encircling wall. Fort Nassau is another fort in Banda.


Baan Hollanda Foundation
Baan Hollanda is an information centre on the history of Dutch-Thai relations. Opened in 2013, the centre is situated on the site of the Dutch East India Company (VOC)’s trading office, which operated between the 17th and18th centuries. The trade relations between the VOC and Ayutthaya marked the beginning of the over 400 years relations between Thailand and the Netherlands.